About us

AL MURSEL is a 100% local company established in Iraq to serve and supply the Oil & Gas Industry. AL MURSEL remain committed to-wards maximizing opportunities. Noth-ing is impractical and we shall continue to pursue achievable goals more vigor-ously. Our efforts shall make us a lead-ing player in the Energy and Infrastruc-ture sectors.
AL MURSEL combines expertise in its own technology areas —Oil & Gas Infra-structure Designing and building,Engi-neering Consultancy and Project Man-agement,Procurement and sub-con-tracting— with expert knowledge of its customers' businesses. It leverages these capabilities to develop high value- added solutions that meet its customers' needs of efficiency, reliabili-ty and safety.
Employees are a major strength, and AL MURSEL creates a work environ-ment that encourages teamwork, achievement, innovation and personal progression. The conventional defini-tion of management is to get work done through people but we believe real per sonnel management is developing people through work. We cultivate a culture that improves people, enables managers to guide effectively, and ev-eryone to feel their efforts are worth-while. In addition, we have as few man-agement layers as possible, so that managers are very close to the opera-tions.